Use your Android to control your Windows PC – Unified Remote App review

Unified RemoteSmartphones were invented for apps like this! The Unified Remote app will give you full control of your Windows computer using a number of different remotes. The free app is enough for any basic PC user to get started with 18 Remotes. The full version gives you a total of 31 remotes. You can use it on a number of machines. I have not seen any other remote app with more features yet! They are currently working on the app to support multi window which will be great for users with the Galaxy Note, SIII or Tab (Version 2.8 due by end of the Month).


The app works by connecting over PC over  your WIFI network or Bluetooth. Setup and use is so easy. This is a must have for connecting laptop to your TV while watching movies etc. You dont have to worry getting over to the laptop to Pause, Fast Forward etc.

The guys over at Unified Intents are constantly updating their remote selection. Everything I want to do on my machine they have it covered. The simple mouse and keyboard option is great to just navigate around your site and type using you native keyboard installed. The only issue I found was using the app with Swype I had to hit the space bar after every word but other than that it worked well.

Screenshot3 Screenshot4

The remote server install is very basic and easy to setup. There is two versions available:

Install Version

Portable Version

To download it on your Android Smartphone click here

To download it on your Windows Smartphone click here

The guys are still working on bringing the feature to other smartphone platforms and desktop OS  platforms.

As part of the new update due later this month there will be a new Google Music remote which will be great for those of you that followed our Google Music setup guide earlier in the week!



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